Dec 30, 2019 • Podcast

What’s the worst sales advice you’ve ever received?

Paul shares the worst sales advice he has received. This is a great episode on what NOT to do in sales.

Show Notes:

Have you ever wondered why timeshare sellers get a bad reputation? Well, one of them told me some of their secrets to create false demand.

Never price shame a prospective buyer. There are better ways to present your price. Someone said, “If you have to ask the price, you probably can’t afford it?”

Be respectful of personal boundaries. “The salesperson thought they were building trust.”

How not to respond if the buyer says, “I need to check with my spouse.”

Buyers hate it when you ask self-serving questions. Don’t lead a buyer down an obvious path. “This is by far one of the worse questions a salesperson has ever asked…”

Our show exists to help salespeople sell more professionally and profitably. Sometimes that means explaining what not to do.


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