Dec 23, 2019 • Podcast

What should salespeople do at the end of the year?

Paul shares some interesting advice on how to spend the last few weeks of the year. 

Show Notes:

The most important thing you can do during this time of the year is…Nothing. Relax, make fewer calls, take time off. Salespeople are hustling all year long. Take some time to relax.

Once you relax, “Analyze the sales that you lost in 2019.” We learn from our failures and failures motivate. Also, make sure you also analyze your successes. 

Be thankful. Take some time to express gratitude. Be thankful for your customers, your company, and your fellow employees. 

Invest in yourself. Salespeople are like business owners. And every business owner must invest in their business. How are you going to invest in yourself?

Let your goals come to you. Quiet your mind, filter out the noise and listen for your goal. 


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Thank you for tuning in. Make it a big day.

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