Dec 18, 2019 • Podcast

How do I overcome buyer resistance?

Paul discusses the seven realities of buyer resistance and how to overcome it.

Show Notes:

Buyer resistance takes shape in many forms. Buyers might claim your price is too high, the timing isn’t right, or worse, they give you the silent treatment. These are all forms of resistance.

Buyer resistance is a break in your momentum, that’s all! Don’t get too frustrated.

There are seven realities of price resistance. “First of all, you’re going to experience lots of resistance.”

Paul offers sage advice from an old colleague. “Persistence beats resistance!”

“Preparation builds confidence.” Before a tough meeting, prepare for the interaction. Who’s better prepared for your meeting, you or the buyer?

“Attitude drives behavior.” Make sure you mentally prepare yourself before handling customer resistance. 

“The bigger the deal the more resistance you’ll experience.” When you do experience resistance, adopt a small wins approach. 

When a buyer voices their objection, they feel the need to defend their stance. By proactively acknowledging their potential objection, the buyer feels no need to defend it. 


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