Dec 11, 2019 • Podcast

What questions should I ask prospects?

Have you ever wondered what type of questions you should be asking? Paul shares seven key questions to help you generate a great discussion with prospects and customers. 

Show Notes:

Questions help you understand the buyer’s needs and generate a good information exchange. It’s critical that salespeople ask the right questions the right way.

“Great questions cause the buyer to think…and speak.”

Prospects aren’t just buying products. They are also buying your company, and you, the salesperson. Ask the buyer what they expect along those three dimensions.

“Transport the buyer into the future.” A long-term question will help the buyer focus on outcomes, not price. 

Whatever you do, don’t ask this question, “Is…?”

Gain an in-depth understanding of your competition. “Keep in mind that your toughest competitor could be a ‘do nothing.'”

Allow the buyer to dream and think bigger. This is by far one of my favorite questions to ask prospects. ‘What…?’ 

Remember to ask yourself a question to help you prepare for your meeting. “What do I give this prospect the opportunity to do tomorrow that they cannot do today?”


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