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The Q and A Sales Podcast
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Salespeople constantly have questions running through their minds, and the purpose of this podcast is to answer those questions.

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Jan 22, 2020 • Podcast

Does perceived value really matter to the buyer?

Paul explains what perceived value is and how it influences your buyer’s expectations. Show Notes  The buyer’s perception is reality. How they perceive your value does matter. Perceived value is the look and feel of your solution. Perceived value raises your buyer’s expectation.  “Price builds perceived value and impacts the buyer’s perception. It’s a good …


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Jan 15, 2020 • Podcast

How do I sell more to existing customers?

Have you ever struggled to sell more to existing customers? In this episode, Paul shares several tips and explains why you should focus on existing customers versus prospects. Show Notes: Did you know that top-achieving salespeople spend more time selling to their existing customers than to prospects?  It’s more important to sell to existing customers …


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Jan 8, 2020 • Podcast

How do I sell to Millennial buyers? with Ryan Jenkins

Paul chats with keynote speaker and author Ryan Jenkins, the leading voice on Millennials and Generation Z, about why you’re not connecting with them and what you can do about it. Show Notes: The beginning of a fresh decade is a great time to address stale sales techniques. With more than 11 million Millennial global …


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Dec 30, 2019 • Podcast

What’s the worst sales advice you’ve ever received?

Paul shares the worst sales advice he has received. This is a great episode on what NOT to do in sales. Show Notes: Have you ever wondered why timeshare sellers get a bad reputation? Well, one of them told me some of their secrets to create false demand. Never price shame a prospective buyer. There …


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Dec 23, 2019 • Podcast

What should salespeople do at the end of the year?

Paul shares some interesting advice on how to spend the last few weeks of the year.  Show Notes: The most important thing you can do during this time of the year is…Nothing. Relax, make fewer calls, take time off. Salespeople are hustling all year long. Take some time to relax. Once you relax, “Analyze the …


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