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The Q and A Sales Podcast
with Paul Reilly

Salespeople constantly have questions running through their minds, and the purpose of this podcast is to answer those questions.

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Jun 24, 2021 • Podcast

How do I get a meeting if the buyer is not interested?

Paul addresses a challenge that plagues all salespeople: getting a meeting with a disinterested buyer. Show Notes  Is your pipeline overflowing? Get a referral. “One referral is worth….” On your final attempt to get a meeting, clearly state your value proposition. Don’t be a prisoner of hope! *** Learn more: Click here to pre-order …


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Jun 21, 2021 • Podcast

How do I compete against a big competitor?

Paul breaks down the age-old battle of the little competitor versus the big competitor. Show Notes:  You can’t out-Goliath Goliath. Play to your strengths. Remember, those big competitors are worried about you, too! Ask yourself, “How can I make it easier to do business with us rather than that big company?” Let the buyer know …


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Jun 17, 2021 • Podcast

How do I sell effectively at trade shows?

Paul offers selling tips for exhibitors at live, in-person trade shows. (They’re coming back!) Show Notes  Before you go to that trade show, arrange some pre-set appointments. Study the attendee list and pre-qualify some companies for your target prospect list. Create perceived demand for your booth. “You have got to….” Follow-up is key. Connect with …


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Jun 14, 2021 • Podcast

What if the buyer uses a service failure to leverage a discount?

Paul explores the scenario in which an existing customer asks for a discount on new business based on a previous bad experience. Show Notes  “Nobody is 100% 100% of the time.” “View those moments where we mess up as opportunities to build…” Be able to detail what your company did to solve the problem. Remind …


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Jun 10, 2021 • Podcast

How do you build a proposal that pops?

Paul lays out the foundation for a proposal with impact. Show Notes: “Lead with the customer’s needs. Don’t hit them with price or bore them with everything they didn’t want to know about your company.” “When the buyer is hyper-aware of their needs, they’re more likely to disrupt their status quo.” Detail the impact of …


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