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The Q and A Sales Podcast
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Salespeople constantly have questions running through their minds, and the purpose of this podcast is to answer those questions.

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Aug 3, 2020 • Podcast

How do I spice things up with existing customers?

Paul shares three tips to spice things up and create more value for your best customers. Show Notes: If your customer relationship feels like a marriage heading the wrong way, you have to listen to this episode.  Salespeople get complacent. Complacent sellers rarely see ways to improve their end-to-end experience.  Embrace a positive sense of …


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Jul 30, 2020 • Podcast

How do I get salespeople to focus their time on the right opportunities?

In this episode, Paul shares three tips to help salespeople focus their time on the right opportunities. Show Notes: For salespeople, time is the currency they invest. How salespeople spend their time will determine whether they are successful or not.  Sales leaders are frustrated that sellers are going after the wrong slice of the market, …


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Jul 27, 2020 • Podcast

Why do salespeople offer unprompted discounts?

Paul shares three reasons why salespeople offer discounts unprompted. Show Notes: Salespeople will offer unprompted discounts for three reasons: fear of losing the business, negative price perception, and sellers Stockholm Syndrome. As you’ll learn in this episode, Paul loves golf. And you’ll hear the golf story that prompted this episode.  “I told the guy that …


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Jul 23, 2020 • Podcast

How do I turn service into sales?

In this episode, Paul shares four ideas to turn service into sales. Show Notes: Right now, it is a challenging time for salespeople to meet with prospects and customers. So if you want to get more meetings, don’t just be a salesperson.  Leverage your service team. Your service team includes engineers, designers, programmers, service technicians, …


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Jul 20, 2020 • Podcast

Should salespeople have pricing authority?

Paul shares five reasons why salespeople should NOT have pricing authority. Show Notes: Under no circumstances should salespeople have pricing authority! Pricing is strategic because it impacts profitability.  Salespeople are emotional and irrational (So is everyone). Salespeople will feel the pressure and cave in and discount. Savvy buyers know how to make the seller feel …


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