Mar 4, 2024 • Podcast

How do I validate and remind the customer of the value we deliver? (Rebroadcast)

Are customers giving you all the credit you deserve? Paul shares three examples to reinforce and validate the value you deliver.

Show Notes:

“Nobody gets the credit they deserve; you only get the credit you ask for.” Therefore, its… 

“As most people are unaware of the air they breathe; most customers are unaware of the value they receive.”

Your customer is not intentionally forgetting about your value, they just don’t think about it. When things work the way they should, they don’t notice it.

Value reinforcement is critical because price only becomes an issue in the absence of value. If the customer forgets about your value, price becomes an issue.

There are two things you can do to validate and remind the customer of the value you deliver: dollarize the impact of your value, and communicate that impact to different levels of decision makers.

“_______ is the number-one reason salespeople discount their price. So, ask yourself this question…”

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