Jan 8, 2020 • Podcast

How do I sell to Millennial buyers? with Ryan Jenkins

Paul chats with keynote speaker and author Ryan Jenkins, the leading voice on Millennials and Generation Z, about why you’re not connecting with them and what you can do about it.

Show Notes:

The beginning of a fresh decade is a great time to address stale sales techniques. With more than 11 million Millennial global decision-makers in the marketplace (and counting), it’s also imperative that you do so.

Old ways of doing business won’t build bridges across the generational sales divide. Luckily, Ryan has some suggestions:

A substantial online presence is key. Millennials and GenZ decision-makers self-educate well before seeking out a salesperson. If they can’t find you online or, worse, discover an anemic website or social presence, they won’t be interested in engaging with you. 

Understand that their buying is heavily socially influenced. A salesperson is no longer the first line of introduction to a product or service. Millennials read online reviews and get personal network recommendations well before contacting you/your brand. 

Take your high-touch high tech. Millennial not returning your calls? Like everyone else, Millennials appreciate high-touch relationships. They just prefer engaging via platforms that don’t predate the laptop. So, ask them: How do you like to connect? Text, FaceTime, Skype, even Snapchat can be employed to nurture a sales relationship.

Let go of generational biases. Quit holding on to the lazy Millennial trope. This generation has grown up in an increasingly effortless and seamless world. “They’re going to expect more effortless and seamless experiences from salespeople they do business with,” says Ryan. “That doesn’t make them entitled. That just makes them this next generation of workers or employees or customers.”


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