Jan 15, 2020 • Podcast

How do I sell more to existing customers?

Have you ever struggled to sell more to existing customers? In this episode, Paul shares several tips and explains why you should focus on existing customers versus prospects.

Show Notes:

Did you know that top-achieving salespeople spend more time selling to their existing customers than to prospects? 

It’s more important to sell to existing customers than to new prospects. Research shows that it is more profitable and it’s easier to sell to existing customers.

When you’re selling to existing customers, there is a right way to do it and a wrong way. Your attitude matters when you’re selling to existing customers. Don’t ask yourself, “How can I sell more stuff to this customer?” Instead ask yourself, “How can I…”

Don’t position yourself like every other seller. Don’t ask the customer for more projects to quote. Instead ask the customer for more…

“At the end of every single sales call this top achiever would ask customers this one question…” This top achiever believes that this “one question” has created most of his success. 

“Your goal is not to sell, sell, sell or demo, demo, demo. It’s to create more value.”


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