Jan 22, 2020 • Podcast

Does perceived value really matter to the buyer?

Paul explains what perceived value is and how it influences your buyer’s expectations.

Show Notes 

The buyer’s perception is reality. How they perceive your value does matter. Perceived value is the look and feel of your solution. Perceived value raises your buyer’s expectation. 

“Price builds perceived value and impacts the buyer’s perception. It’s a good thing to be more expensive than your competition.”

Paul highlights two experiments that prove price builds perceived value. Even wine experts, ranking different wines, cannot resist the effects of price and perception. 

The weight of your proposal matters, both in the words you choose and the paper you use. 

The actual weight of your paper matters. A heavier proposal builds perceived value.

The buyer’s perception of you can either add value, or subtract it. Your level of professionalism matters. 

“Is your level of professionalism consistent with the expectation you have set?”


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