Feb 6, 2023 • Podcast

How do I have success in sales as an introvert? With Matthew Pollard

Paul interviews Matthew Pollard (The Rapid Growth® Guy), debunking the myth that all successful salespeople are extroverts.

Show Notes

“Surprisingly, while a lot of people feel that introverts struggle with sales, some of the best in the business…happen to be introverted.” Matthew Pollard

“I believe sales is a system. And I believe the best in the business in sales focus on a constant perfection of that system and making it an iterative process, and constantly focused on continuous improvement to be the best.” Matthew Pollard

We all find a way to be successful in our own way.

“We project extroversion on anyone that’s successful… Don’t think that you can’t succeed as an introvert.” Matthew Pollard

The biggest misconception that we see in the world of sales: One is that introverts can’t do it…and then two, that natural ability wins over system and process. No—system and process win each and every time.” Matthew Pollard

As an introvert in sales, “You do not want to become more extroverted. What you want to do is to learn to be the best version of yourself and lean into your natural strengths.” Matthew Pollard

Find out more about Matthew Pollard: https://matthewpollard.com/

Download a free chapter of Matthew’s book, The Introvert’s Edge: https://matthewpollard.com/theintrovertsedge/book

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