Nov 11, 2021 • Podcast

How can I use social media to create more sales? with Pat Hilton

Don’t miss Paul’s high energy interview with Pat Hilton, of Acoustic Force Media, on the importance of marketing your brand on social platforms.

Show Notes 

“If you can find those slots of peoples’ lives that need a solution, and it’s your solution, your product, your expertise, that’s where you find the sales.” Pat Hilton

The #1 reason decision makers are willing to meet with a salesperson is because “it appears they can solve a business problem.”

“Salespeople have these ‘bad vibes’ that go with them, when in reality, these are the people that are stimulating the economy and keeping innovation and entrepreneurship alive. They’re actually the good guys.” Pat Hilton

People define value in their own terms. We have to understand that. We’ve got to speak their language.

“What are people missing out on by not buying your product? You’ve got to be a wheel in peoples’ machines.” Pat Hilton

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Want to find out more? Just Google Pat Hilton. He’s the handsome one, not the old soccer player. 

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