Oct 18, 2019 • Podcast

What is The Q and A Sales Podcast?

Paul answers a few basic questions about the show and the format. He also explains where the sales questions come from and how you, the listener, can ask questions.

What is The Q and A Sales Podcast?

Salespeople constantly have questions running through their minds, and the purpose of this podcast is to answer those questions. Here is the basic framework for the show; Paul is going to answer one question per show. Some answers are pretty straightforward, and other answers are more complex. Sometimes there will be guests, and other times it will just be Paul.

Who is Paul Reilly?

Paul Reilly is a salesperson, professional speaker, sales trainer, author, and podcaster. So, what qualifies Paul to answer these questions? Well, he has probably made every mistake you can make in sales! (Just partially kidding.)

Where do the questions come from?

These questions come from you, the sales community. Paul is constantly interacting with salespeople. Whether it’s during his training seminars, keynote presentations, or just having a one-on-one conversation, salespeople will undoubtedly ask him a question. Those questions are turned into a show.

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