Feb 5, 2024 • Podcast

What is relentless selling? with Jon Alwinson

Paul had the pleasure of interviewing Jon Alwinson, author of Relentless Sales. 

Show Notes

The relentless mentality is peace in who you are, and living from that identity, not for that identity.

When one’s faith is solid and can’t be shaken, Jon believes it is the ultimate competitive advantage in sales.

Adversity is part of growth. Tune in to hear how Jon relied on his faith to grow him through his adversity.

There’s a myth in business that humility is a weakness rather than a strength. That could not be more untrue! 

Jon’s advice to new salespeople: build a board of directors for your life. Surround yourself with people who help you see around corners—see what you don’t see.

Learn more about Jon Alwinson and grab some free resources at JonAlwinson.com.

Jon’s book, Relentless Sales, is available at Amazon.com.

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