Feb 27, 2023 • Podcast

How do I transform adversity into advantage? With John Register

Paul talks with John Register—former military, Olympic hopeful turned Paralympic medal winner. Listen to his inspiring story and how he “transformed adversity into advantage” in tough times.

Show Notes

“We think we know who we are when tough times are going to come, and we think we know how we’re going to show up. But we really don’t know how we’re going to show up until that time comes…And what is it that will come out of your mouth during that time? That’s the essence of who you are.” John Register

“The ‘Reckoning Moment’ is when we realize we do not get back what we desire to have back after some type of trauma has impacted our life.” John Register

Learn the three things that hold us back from making a commitment to the vision.

“We must allow ourselves space and the grace to learn in the new.” John Register

“I’m never going back to the way I used to be. No, you all need to catch up to where I am.” John Register

“You can still control your own destiny; you’ve got to just figure out who you’re going to surround yourself with to elevate.” John Register

See John Register’s model for turning adversity into advantage below. Listen to the podcast to learn more:

  1. The Reckoning: Recognizing that certain desires cannot be regained after experiencing trauma.
  2. The Revision: Committing to tackling obstacles and moving towards a new vision or revision in life, despite pushback from others and societal norms.
  3. The Rebirth: Understanding that old systems and ideas cannot be applied to a new situation and accepting the difficult process of adjusting to this new environment.
  4. The Resolve/Resolution: Completing the work of the rebirth and shifting to a mindset of inviting others to join in one’s new perspective, rather than longing for the past.
  5. The Reward: Celebrating reaching a plateau in personal growth and understanding that the journey is ongoing, with different stages in different areas of life.

Find out more about John and his inspiring story at JohnRegister.com

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