Feb 19, 2020 • Podcast

How do I sell value without badmouthing the competition (even if they suck)?

Paul shares three tips to help you sell against a (sucky) competitor without badmouthing them.

Show Notes

“We all have that one competitor that everyone loves to hate.” 

It’s shocking how some customers choose a solution that is vastly inferior to other alternatives. Yet, these same decision makers are not likely to change. “Even if the competitor is really terrible, there are still a few customers that like them.”

Have you ever noticed that people have trouble admitting they’re wrong? “When people make any decision, they feel the need to justify their decision.” The buyer’s need to justify their decision can cloud their vision of a better alternative. 

“People love sticking with what is familiar.” The status quo is a formidable competitor. The fear of the unknown is greater than sticking with a subpar solution.

When you’re selling against a sucky competitor, try these three things…

“Call attention to your strengths by…”

“Recruit internal champions to help you…”

“The buyer’s ego might get in the way of accepting your idea. So, instead of offering the same solution try…”


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