Nov 20, 2019 • Podcast

How do I sell to a spreadsheet buyer?

This episode focuses on a particular type of buyer, the spreadsheet buyers. These types of buyers tend to focus on price and fail to see the intangible factors. Paul provides you with some tips when selling to these buyers.

Show Notes

How could you calculate aggravation, frustration or emotional impact on a spreadsheet? “Spreadsheets don’t really cover the intangible side of decision making.” Some of the intangible factors could have the greatest impact. 

Although a spreadsheet-minded buyer can be frustrating, it’s also a positive sign that the decision-maker is engaged in the buying process. “A spreadsheet means they are serious about buying.”

The buyer’s spreadsheet creates an opportunity for the seller. “The more you understand the buyer’s spreadsheet, the more you can understand what the buyer is trying to accomplish.”

“You’re trying to get the buyer to think differently.” If the buyer thinks and decides in terms of spreadsheets, help them think differently. Essentially, you’re selling the buyer on an idea. To help sell your idea, find a parallel. Look for another area of their business where they have adopted the idea you’re selling.

“Help the decision maker understand their own buying process at a deeper level.” When the buyer is more aware of the complexity of their needs, they’re less concerned about price.


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