Feb 5, 2020 • Podcast

How do I sell against Amazon?

Have you ever struggled to compete with Amazon? In this episode, Paul shares several ideas to help you compete more profitably, even against Amazon

Show Notes:

Is Amazon really that tough of a competitor? Our research shows that customers want more than cheap prices. 

“Although Amazon can beat your price, can they beat you at the other ten items?”

If you’re trying to beat Amazon, take a tip from Jeff Bezos; be customer obsessed, not competitor obsessed. 

“For every ounce of energy you focus on Amazon, focus ten times that amount on the customer and their needs.”

Don’t fall prey to the “Amazon Effect.” When Amazon enters a new market, competitors freak out. Competitors adopt a wait-and-see approach instead of being proactive. 

“When you’re selling against Amazon, remember these tips…”

“Who’s making a bigger deal out of Amazon, you or the customer? Here are a few data points to consider…”

For additional tips on selling against Amazon, pick up our latest edition of Value-Added Selling. There is an entire chapter dedicated to competing against Amazon (which is kind of funny since the book is available on Amazon).


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