Apr 17, 2023 • Podcast

How do I live inspired? With John O’Leary (Rebroadcast)

Paul has the privilege of speaking with John O’Leary about what and who gave him the strength and courage to overcome even the most devastating circumstances.

Show Notes 

“The greatest generation wasn’t made great because their life was easy. It was actually extraordinarily difficult.” John O’Leary

Tough times expose our weaknesses so we can get stronger.

“We think, when the times are good, we can do it by ourselves…Then you go through the hard times, and you recognize how little you can do by yourself.” John O’Leary

The likelihood of you being born is 1 in 400 trillion. “Recognize the majesty and the miracle of your life.” John O’Leary

Consider this statement: “I choose to thrive because…” Tune in to hear John’s reasons.

“When hope becomes electrifying is when it’s not about just you.” John O’Leary

Learn more about John’s incredible story at JohnOLearyinspires.com.

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