Jan 3, 2022 • Podcast

How do I focus on the prospect’s needs and not price? with Carrie Burggraf

Paul talks with Carrie Burggraf, of Home Care Assistance of Missouri LLC, about the importance of going beyond price and helping the prospect understand the emotion behind their decision.

Show Notes 

“When you’re in sales every day looks different.” Carrie Burggraf

Are you “uninvested” in your outcome (i.e., the sale), and more empathetic to the prospects needs?

Find out why: “I have actually gotten as many referrals from people I didn’t help as people I did help.” Carrie Burggraf

Enlarge the conversation beyond price: “Asking a lot of questions to understand what they’re trying to accomplish and what their thinking is and helping them figure out their priorities can help you show value over price.” Carrie Burggraf

Ask the customer, “If you do nothing, is there a cost to that?” Carrie Burggraf

Emotion plays a role, so we, as salespeople, have to understand that and make that part of the process.

Find out more about Home Care Assistance.

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