Jun 25, 2020 • Podcast

Does packaging really matter?

Paul explains why packaging is so important.

Show Notes:

Packaging matters because it builds perceived value. Perceived value influences your expectations.

“Packaging can be a differentiator.” How can your package standout if it blends with everyone else? Be different in the way you package your product and demonstrate your product.  

“You, the salesperson, you’re the package of the overall solution you are presenting. You must act in a manner that reinforces the image you’re trying to project.”


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Does packaging really matter?

(Transcribed from podcast)

On today’s episode, we are going to answer a question that came to us via email. This question comes from an industrial salesperson all the way from the Netherlands. This salesperson wants to talk about packaging. Specifically, he wants to know if packaging really matters. They’re selling a product that is used in the construction or industrial type of setting, so it’s a B2B type of sale. They want to know the role that packaging will play. How does it look? How does it appear to the buyer? How critical is that? That’s the question we’re going to talk about on today’s show. Does packaging really matter? And, just to give you a clue into that… yes, it does very much so. We’ll talk about why here in just a few moments.

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Let’s get back to the question. Does packaging really matter? And the short answer to this question is yes, it does matter. It matters quite a bit. The reason it matters is simple: packaging builds perceived value. If you’ve listened to previous podcasts, we’ve talked about perceived value and does it really matter. You’ve got to remember that perceived value influences the buyer’s expectations. The perceived value added is the look and feel of things. It’s mostly sensory. One great analogy that I’ve heard before is, when you think about a nice steak restaurant, you know, like a Ruth’s Chris or a Fleming’s or any really nice steakhouse, they bring the steak to your table and the steak is sizzling; it’s crackling. You can smell it. It’s sensory overload. Man, it’s great. That is what’s called perceived value. It’s raising your expectations. And that’s where the old expression sell the sizzle, don’t just sell the steak… Selling the sizzle is the perceived value. It’s the part that excites the buyer.

Packaging is part of that. I think of some of the common products that I will buy that the packaging is just incredible. For example, think about an Apple phone or an iPad. The packaging it comes in… it’s not cheap packaging. And if you’re spending a thousand dollars on a phone, the packaging had better look good because the packaging will influence the expectation. It’s consistent with the image that Apple is trying to project. Also, some packaging almost becomes iconic. One example I’ll think of… the Tiffany jewelry box. That’s an image that has been imprinted in many people’s mind. They want to see that little blue box from Tiffany.

So packaging does matter. You want your packaging to be consistent with the image you’re trying to go out there and project. That’s critical. I’ll give you an example. And back to the question, how important is packaging? Well, packaging can be a differentiator. Packaging can allow your solution to stand out. And I’m not just talking about the physical packaging of a product. I’m also talking about you, the salesperson. In some ways you, the salesperson, you’re the package of the overall solution that you’re presenting.

I remember one salesperson I worked with back when I used to sell construction tools. When he was conducting a product demonstration, he was very meticulous on how he would orchestrate the product demonstration. For example, he would set out a towel before he would place the nice, shiny, brand new red toolbox out on the truck. He would place a towel down so he didn’t scratch the toolbox. He liked having the toolbox look brand new. When he would get the tool out, the tool was always cleaned off from the previous demonstration. There was no dust on it. It looked brand new. He would do his best not to scratch it or anything like that. He really handled it with care. And his argument was, “Every time I present a tool like this, I’m showing the customer that what I’m demonstrating for them has value. I handle it in a way that reinforces that.”

If you think about it, that makes perfect sense. You’re handling the demonstration, you’re reinforcing a certain image, and that’s all part of perceived value. So, packaging matters. And you as the salesperson, you matter. You are the package of your solution, so it’s important that you’re professional; it’s important that you are acting in a way that is consistent with the image that you want to project as well.

So with that being said, again, packaging does matter: both you as the salesperson and also the physical packaging of the solution that you are presenting.

All right, everyone. That’s the show today: quick, short, sweet and to the point. Again, a shout-out to the Netherlands. Thanks for asking the question. We turned it into a show.

Make it a big day.

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